The Drive – A Fashion Moment by The Groom Stylist Sammy Aki

Good morning OMG readers. While yesterday was a bit of an indulgence for brides, today is solely about the men in our lives. So much emphasis is put on what the wedding dress looks like and how the bridal hairstyle looks, but the fabulous woman I’d like to introduce you to this morning is all about the boys. Enter Sammy Aki, The Groom Stylist. Fabulous.

Earlier this year Sammy pulled together her team to produce a series of short films Mr. Porter style to express in a chic and modern way that she feel a groom’s preparations for his wedding should also be a focus. She produced the whole series herself to make sure each individual stylistic choice was hers, included all British brands and ended up with an absolutely fabulous result.

“Sophisticated, sleek and masculine we want everyman to indulge in his wedding. Set at the stunning St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Kings Cross London, our grooms celebrate with the best of British and present themselves through a collection of super cool moments.” Sammy says, “There is always a moment on the wedding day when a man takes 30 seconds and reflects. In this moment emotions of joy, anxiety, eagerness and pride surround him. This is the groom’s moment.”

Each of these awesome films is inspired by iconic images taken from the weddings of President Obama to Mick Jagger and capture a brief glimpse into the day that your other half might have. OMG I love them and could not be more excited to bring the third of the series, The Drive, to you exclusively. Shot outside one of my favourite hotels in London, the Renaissaince at St. Pancras, this piece has such a fresh, clean and modern take to it. I love it! Sammy introduces it by saying “You have ‘the one’, the car and now… the suit. The sun is shining, it’s time to feel the cool breeze in your wedding suit…. The Drive.”

Find out more about Sammy on her website and also head on over to London Bride to read one of her latest interviews.

Can’t wait to see more from this lady! #Enjoy.

The Moment – The Drive from Sammy Aki on Vimeo.

Director/Producer: Benjamin James
DOP: David Edwards
Second Camera: Tim Gardner
Camera Assistant: Will Purcell
Model: Dylan Garner, Natasha Cryer
Make up and Grooming: Carla Levy
Stylist/Producer: Sammy Aki
Styling Assistant: Chinwe Ujah
Location: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Kings Cross

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