A Simply Sweet Outdoor Engagement Shoot – Craig & Elizabeth

Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s feature is short, sweet and brought to you by Mark Newton Weddings. Here is what he had to say about the shoot:

“In preparation for Craig and Elizabeth’s upcoming wedding we recently visited their wedding venue the beautiful Tylney Hall near Basingstoke for a lovely day exploring the grounds in the beautiful summer weather. Craig and Elizabeth are a lovely laid back couple who, as you can see from the photos, are very much in love and were great to shoot with. We took the time to discuss all their plans for the big day and then enjoyed the afternoon making the most of the gardens.”

Love it. The perfect example of how you don’t needs loads of props and crazy extras to capture lots of love. I’m also just kind of in love with Elizabeth’s style. How cute is she?!! Make sure to head on over to the Mark Newton Weddings website for more details and hope you’re outside like these guys were enjoying the fabulous English summer!

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