Out of the Box Wedding Inspiration from Catherine Wales 3D Fashion Designer

Today’s feature is a bit outside the box and avant grade, but that’s just the way I like my inspiration these days. With 3D printing becoming more and more accessible, why can’t gorgeous designs like those featured today by Catherine Wales be a source of inspiration to the fashion forward bride to be? Today’s pieces are part of an accessories collection I would die to get my hands on!

At the helm of the world’s third industrial revolution, Catherine’s debut offering cross-pollinates high fashion, technology and science to re-evaluate conventional methods of garment construction and push the boundaries of digital fabrication within the luxury market.

Inspired by identity and the visual structure of human chromosomes, Project DNA is created almost entirely with individual and interchangeable ball and socket components that allow it to be built in a number of directions. Produced using white nylon with a 3D printer, the eight-piece collection encompasses a scaffolded corset, a blossoming feathered shoulder piece and a waist bracelet
complemented by four transformative headpieces that hide key areas of the face; including a guilded horn and a mirrored mask, and a cut out visor helmet.

Catherine’s futuristic collection is completely unique and can be used both editorially to stimulate conceptual thinking and scientifically to develop the capabilities of luxury fashion prototyping within the 3D space.

Designs can be ordered and printed on demand. LOVE IT.

Make sure to check out the Catherine Wales website for more details.

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