Top 10 Fashionable Foodtrucks for your Wedding

When I went to Uni in the states (more than a few years ago) foodtrucks were easily the cheapest and most delicious option for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However. Glam they were not. And while they’ve been cruising around the UK for quite some time now, it hasn’t been until recently that they’ve stepped up their game in terms of branding, design, style and general fabulousness. Enter the likes of Cin Cin who serve prosecco and snacks out of a super cute 1972 Fiat and all of a sudden, I’m immediately seduced. If you’re looking for a super cute way to wow your guests – whether it’s a pre ceremony drink, a casual canapé post event or even for your hangover brunch the next morning, todays Top 10 are a great starting point. Enjoy!

1. Cin Cin
Cin Cin is a charming new addition to the mobile catering scene, serving Italian bubbles & nibbles from a beautiful, vintage 1972 Fiat van. Serving the finest antipasti and Prosecco, Cin Cin (pronounced ‘chin chin’ meaning cheers in Italian) is a mobile caterer who will be popping up at events around the UK, from weddings to corporate gatherings and festivals. Look out for this one!

2. Spade & Spoon
Great British Food at it’s best, Spade & Spoon solely use local products and biodegradable packaging, perfect for the sustainable bride and groom.

3. Anna Mae’s Mac and Cheese
Hell. Yes. Mac and cheese has been making a comeback for some time now and these guys offer the classic treat made from a delicious 3 cheese combo (score) or slightly more adventurous diners can choose flavours like “Piggie Smalls” (BBQ pork and saucy goodness) or the “Kanye Western” (beef hot dog and BBQ sauce).

4. Street Kitchen – Seasonal Deliciousness
Frustrated with the lack of UK grown produce featuring in the London restaurant scene, Street Kitchen founders Mark and Jun have travelled the country in search of sustainable and quality food. They use only the finest and most fabulous seasonal food for a variety of different menus. Delish.

5. Aranici Brothers
The perfect option for a pre dinner reception, the Aranici Brothers provide cooked to order risotto balls for guests of 50 – 500. If you’re looking for cheesy, delicious, gooey comfort food – look no further.

6. Side Car Coffee Bar
This chap is full of character and charm. I mean, how romantic is a side car decked out in bright red roses? Enough said. An perfect for Irish coffees as your wedding transitions into the “evening do” or first thing in the morning post wedding as part of your hangover brunch.

7. Moto Yogo
Taking froyo on the go, Moto Yogo brings you the “yummiest organic frozen yogurt in the spooniverse.” I mean how can you resist the sound of that? Delish and perfect for a healthy summer wedding or bridal shower.

8. Senor Churro
Kind of the best dessert in the world if you ask me. And Senor Churro offers these delicious snacks with the ultimate fair trade chocolate dipping sauce.

9. Yum Bun
I mean just try and say that fast five times. Quirky branding, a super cute name and handmade steamed buns = delicious win. Perfect for a canapé reception? I think so.

10. Sorbitium Ices
If you’re having a summer wedding, these natural ice creams, sorbets and sherbets are the choice. Boasting flavours like Strawberry, prosecco and elderflower sorbet and Ricotta, strega liquor and fig ice cream, it’s pretty easy to see how these guys are a success. Don’t you just want one right now?

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