About OMG

Photo by Mary Brown Photography

OMG I’m Getting Married is a London based wedding blog set up by yours truly as a way of cataloging inspiration for my upcoming wedding to my absolute fabulous fiance next year. If you are a bride to be, I hope it helps you with some aspect of your wedding planning too! It all started as a personal form of sharing ideas with my parents who live far away, but has now become so much bigger than just one person / one couple. I’m super grateful for all the advice and support I have received from others in the wedding industry and absolutely love being a part of it. I love weddings, I love photography, I love fashion and I love blogs! Absolutely 100% addicted to wedding blogs, thanks so much to all the current OMG readers!

I currently work as a digital designer in London for an interactive agency, so this blog acts as a place for experimentation / learning in my industry as well. I love illustration and information graphics so make sure to send me all your wedding related stats and facts so I can add them to my Bridal Graphics series! I’m all about feedback and questions so give me a shout if you have any here: omggettingmarried@gmail.com

Here is a photo of my amazing cat who has sat on my lap through numerous hours of CSS stylesheets, Photoshop crashes and SEO research. Her name is bailey and she is also super.

I’m a big fan of all the other wedding blogs out there and only hope to add to the growing collection of inspiration online these days. Thanks for visiting and come back again soon!


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