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  • Paloma Blanca Wedding Dresses

    Paloma Blanca Wedding Dresses

    Since its Friday, I thought it was only appropriate to post more of my recent favourites when it comes to wedding dresses. Paloma Blanca is a Canadian bridal wear designer based in Toronto. Aside from the gorgeous styling of the shoots below, I’m really into the ruching that is present in most of her gowns. […]

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  • Junko Yoshioka Wedding Dresses

    Junko Yoshioka Wedding Dresses

    Only my 2 day intensive viewing of seasons 4 and 5 of Say Yes to the Dress can explain my recent obsessions and therefor concentrated posts featuring wedding dresses. I promise more variety soon but I can’t help it. After all, it is bank holiday weekend and my fiance has been struggling with man flu […]

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  • St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

    St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

    I really don’t know what is going on with me at the moment, I’ve gone from loving simple, chic and structural dresses to completely crazy, over the top, decorative, couture craziness. I think my desire to post St. Pucchi wedding dresses on the site has a bit to do with my recent obsession with Say […]

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