London Based Wedding Dresses Archive

  • Temperley Wedding Dresses

    Temperley Wedding Dresses

    OMG FINALLY I CAN FEATURE ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BRIDALWEAR DESIGNERS! I am massively exhaling behind my screen at the moment as I have been holding all of my excitement for Temperley since my best friend has been a proud owner of the gorgeous Long Dragon dress. She just got married yesterday (OMG!!!) and so […]

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  • Annette Carey – Wedding Dresses

    Annette Carey – Wedding Dresses

    Annette Carey was another one of my favorite dress appointments. Definitely the friendliest designer I have met, she had my friend and I in for a cup of tea. The appointment was very personal, and she only sees 1 person at a time. Her shop is adorable and has a very comfortable feel to it. […]

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