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  • Dirty Fabulous Vintage Dresses – Yes Please.

    Dirty Fabulous Vintage Dresses – Yes Please.

    I am normally quite skeptical about the “Who To Follow” section of twitter as usually I am either a) Following this person already or b) Have absolutely nothing in common with the business being suggested. Dirty Fabulous Vintage, on the other hand, is right up my alley and when I saw them being recommended in […]

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  • OMG Sponsor – Queens & Bowl

    OMG Sponsor – Queens & Bowl

    A huge OMG welcome to the fabulous wedding accessories boutique behind the breathtaking images below!!!! I am so so happy to include Queens & Bowl in our growing list of sponsors and have been admiring their pieces for a while now. Choc full of glamourous, elegant and nostalgic pieces to add that tiny bit of […]

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